Friday, August 31, 2012

Currently Holding - 8/30/2012

Currently Holding - 8/30/2012

THLD - Threshold Pharmaceuticals Inc.  

This has been a great pick, purchased back in May and just sold today (8/31/2012).  I like biotechnology stocks, I like the volatility. That sounds crazy but if you research well and check how much debt they have, their liquid assets, and their products in the pipeline you can get a good feel for their future. I also like to see their distribution partners or their distribution rights.  If a company has a needed product and are close to the end of their acceptance testing with positive indications you may have found a stock ready to move up.

Two that I believe are ready to have good investment returns are:

CPRX - Catalyst Pharmaceuticals Partners, Inc.

DRRX - Durect Corporation

My First Blog

I'm new to blogging, as a matter of fact this is my first blog.  I'm not normally a talkative person, I'm reserved, maybe a little conservative and a little liberal (both with a small c and l), but also willing to take a chance.  I like to try new things, I once owned two restaurants, I've sold Real Estate and Insurance, been in a leadership role in an investment company on their technology side, and a consultant and teacher in my own digital technology company.  I have my opinions on politics,as most do, but will keep them to myself.  I like to invest in the market and feel, like most, that I come up with good companies to evaluate and maybe invest in.  That's why I started this blog,  I wanted a place where I can give my opinion on why I invested the way that I did or did not.  I use AmiBroker as my charting package and have evaluated others, I use Optionshouse as my online broker and also have evaluated others and I will, at some point, explain why I choose each.  I will also point out market and investment sites I like to visit and why I like them.  I don't know if anyone will read this blog, let along even visit it, but if you do visit please let me know with your comments even if its just to say Hi!  I look forward to hearing from you and to get your thoughts on things.

I do this just to to share my opinions and not to give advice. Any investments I talk about are my opinions only and are not to be considered on your part for buying or selling an investment. Buying or selling of an investment is a very personal decision and is yours only to evaluate and to make.

Thanks for visiting,