Friday, August 31, 2012

Currently Holding - 8/30/2012

Currently Holding - 8/30/2012

THLD - Threshold Pharmaceuticals Inc.  

This has been a great pick, purchased back in May and just sold today (8/31/2012).  I like biotechnology stocks, I like the volatility. That sounds crazy but if you research well and check how much debt they have, their liquid assets, and their products in the pipeline you can get a good feel for their future. I also like to see their distribution partners or their distribution rights.  If a company has a needed product and are close to the end of their acceptance testing with positive indications you may have found a stock ready to move up.

Two that I believe are ready to have good investment returns are:

CPRX - Catalyst Pharmaceuticals Partners, Inc.

DRRX - Durect Corporation

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  1. DRRX sold on 9/20/2012 @ $1.23 and made a very small amount.

    On 9/25 bought IMSC @ 1.72